Senior Travel

Most of us dream of a time when we can finally take our time to see the world.

If you’ve reached those golden years, the right travel insurance can help you blow the kid’s inheritance on exotic locations—and not on exotic, unplanned expenses, such as medical bills, lost luggage or cancellations.

Seniors typically have a lot of wisdom to share, so we don’t have to explain to you why it’s wise to be covered. But we can share with you a few interesting tidbits about our travel insurance.

Australian Customer Service Centre

While getting to know other cultures is part of the charm of travelling, when you need a hand, having someone who understands the more colourful notes of the Aussie vernacular is far more important.

Not only Travel Insurance Plus 100% Australian owned, our customer service centre is based in Australia, so you can be sure to be understood whether you’re fair dinkum up the creek without a paddle, or not within a cooee of help.

24/7 Emergency Assistance

At Travel Insurance Plus, we might take the modern approach of online processing to save you time and money, but when it comes to assistance, we have access to real people, ready to help.


Quality Travel Insurance Cover

If you feel that products today don’t have the same quality as those from years gone by, you may be right. Thanks to Hollard Australia Insurance Limited, the quality of cover we offer today is, well, a whole lot better.

Travel Insurance Plus offers a range of travel insurance options to assist you in choosing the cover you want, at a price that’s fair. By choosing between a range of travel types, as well as optional covers such as cruises, you can be confident to explore the world, without a mishap costing you the earth.