Cruise Travel Insurance

Before you take on the endless ocean, you may want to take a moment to consider our Cruise Travel Insurance.

Cruising offers a relaxing way to see the world, which is why more and more Australians are choosing the open waters for their holidays each year. But, like any holiday, there are risks. With so much time spent on the water, and so much of your journey dependent on various port authorities, the only way to truly relax is to know that you’re covered in case things go wrong. 

Global Peace of mind – 315,000 Health Providers

From protecting your possessions on board, to ensuring you’re covered if the weather or port authorities cause you to miss a pre-paid tour, Cruise Cover can help.

Travel Insurance Plus’ 24/7 Assistance and Claims are provided by MAPRE, a leading global Medical and Emergency Assistance network that works with more than 1,500 corporate clients and has 90 million people insured. It also has over 2000 multilingual operators and 315,000 health providers.

Designed to offer a range of benefits that are specific to cruising, our Cruise Cover offers the added protection that gives you complete peace of mind. Whether you’re booked in for a romantic cruise, or you’re looking to kick back on deck with the entire family, we have a Cruise Cover option to suit.

You Can Buy with Confidence!

You can cancel your insurance for any reason within 14 days after you are issued with your policy and get a full refund.*

Unlimited Medical and Medical Evacuation

Cover for overseas hospital, medical, surgical, nursing, ambulance and emergency dental expenses and repatriation.**

What’s covered?

Below are just a few of the extras we cover. For full details, please read our Product Disclosure Statement for full terms and conditions, including limits and exclusions that may apply.

Cruise Pack

  • Medical cover while cruising
  • Ship to shore evacuation
  • Marine rescue diversion
  • Delayed or lost/damaged formal cruise attire