Backpacker Travel

You clearly have a taste for adventure, but the mystery of an airline losing your luggage or unknown medical bills probably isn’t what you had in mind.

By purchasing travel insurance before you go, you’ll help ensure that the only real risks you take are ones you get a thrill out of.

Travel Insurance Plus can help.

We know that backpackers are keen to travel light, but travelling without travel insurance could result in heavy bills if something goes wrong.

Just like your backpack, we’ve created an insurance cover designed to only cover the essentials.

What’s covered?

  • Emergency medical & hospital
  • Loss or delay of luggage
  • Cancellation and additional expenses

Plus more. Read our Product Disclosure Statement for full terms and conditions, including limits and exclusions that may apply.

We understand you’re on a budget, but there’s cheap travel insurance, and then there’s value for money.

With Travel Insurance Plus, we’re proud to offer a quality option to budget conscious travellers. Whether you’re with the crowds at Coachella or on a lone trek through the Himalayas, getting quality cover, backed by Hollard Australia Insurance Limited,

At Travel Insurance Plus, we:

  • Provide -quality cover at great prices
  • Are 100% Australian owned
  • Deliver fast, fair and efficient claims
  • Offer 24/7 emergency assistance
  • Offer a reliable and friendly service.