Travel Insurance for Italy

Famous for its culture, historic cities, sumptuous food and wine, Italy is a country of great passion coupled with stunning scenery. If you’re thinking of exploring Italy, here are some reasons why you should go!

The Food

Italy showcases how food should be cooked, served and enjoyed. The Mediterranean diet is rich with fish, herbs and olive oil, and can be very healthy. And don’t forget the worlds best pasta and pizza. The gelato comes in all types of flavours and on almost every street.

Italian Wine

Both red and white wines of exceptional quality are plentiful. An Italian past time is to enjoy an afternoon accompanied by a bottle of wine, cheese, meats, olive oil and bread. Also, some of the best bottles of wine are inexpensive and can be enjoyed for less than $10.

Historic Cities and Roman History

Italy has no shortage of stunning cities to explore. Rome is of course a number one spot to explore for its history. Rome has some magnificent historical remains to explore, including The Colosseum, The Forum and Palantine Hill. Meanwhile Florence has beautiful art, and Venice will offer a romantic getaway. Elsewhere, Pisa will offer the iconic view of its leaning tower. There are so many cities to visit and a bit of research can enhance your visit.

Exploring By Scooter – with travel insurance

Exploring places like Rome by scooter provides for fast and cheap travel. And with beautiful countryside also awaiting discovery, you can enjoy walking and cycling through the hills. That said – many travel insurance providers require you to have a motorbike licence or cover may not be guaranteed. Simply, because they want to promote safe travel experiences and avoid the inexperienced being severely hurt when riding on unfamiliar  roads with different road rules.

Don’t forget to read the PDS for scooter options.

Travel Insurance Plus

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