Travel Insurance for the UK

Travel Insurance Plus provides quality travel insurance for England, Scotland, Wales and the Offshore Islands.

The UK offers a host of great holiday destinations with something for everyone.

UK Diversity

The United Kingdom has an incredibly diverse landscapes and all within a relatively short distances of each other. If on a driving holiday, you are never more than two hours from the coast, which boasts numerous fishing villages and seaside towns boasting great restaurants and accommodation.  Coastal towns such as Weymouth are great for families wanting to spend some time in the sun. With a great selection of pubs, restaurants and iconic sites to explore in town like the Portland Bill Lighthouse, the Pavilion Theatre and Portland Castle. Other great towns include Mablethorpe and when in Wales, The Vale of Glamorgan has been a seaside favourite to holidaying Brits for generations, and the town of Barry (the largest of those making up the Vale) just seems to get better with age. It has all the charm of a small seaside village.

There are mountains and rolling green hills, lush farmland, heaths and moors, stunning lakes and lochs and babbling brooks. The architecture is unique and diverse, with Thatched cottages, medieval castles, cathedrals and stately mansions all common sites when exploring these wonderful countries.

United Kingdom’s Cities

London is one of the world’s great cities and a must visit. But other UK’s cities and towns are just as diverse and interesting.  Must sees are Glasgow, Oxford and Edinburgh, all steeped in tradition and history with wonderful cathedrals and castles.  A couple of other places that may not be front of mind are Manchester and Birmingham.  There’s always something going on in Manchester, whether an international festival, a Premiership football match or a high-profile musician performing in one of the city’s many venues.  Bustling Birmingham is absolutely worth a visit for a few days. The city is very compact, making it easy to get around on foot. There are many architectural gems to admire, museums and markets to wander around in, charming cafés, pubs and a multi-faceted culinary scene to tease your senses.

Whether a long or short stay, the UK will not disappoint.

Be travel insurance prepared when in the United Kingdom

Travelling overseas is a great way to discover new and exciting places. But some discoveries are best avoided, such as the significant costs of uninsured medical or emergency care.

While you can’t predict when you will need cover, you can help protect yourself—and for less than you might expect.

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