Fiji Travel Insurance

Close your eyes and imagine the friendliest place in the world. Now add Coconut trees, white sand, crystal clear water, sun, cocktails and mandatory relaxation – in a tropical paradise.

That is right you are in Fiji.

Fiji is blessed with 333 tropical islands.  Many of these islands make for the perfect holiday, as you can choose from affordable accommodation all the way through to exclusive 5 star resorts.

Six Reasons why you should use Travel insurance Plus

1. 24/7 Emergency Assistance

2. Australian Customer Service Centre

While experiencing other cultures when travelling, if you need a hand, having someone who understands the Aussie vernacular is important.

3. Quality Cover – Cheaper than you might expect

Travel Insurance Plus is underwritten by Hollard Australia Insurance Limited.Group.

4. Wide Range of Cover

  • Unlimited medical & emergency assistance and more.
  • Comprehensive & Budget (Essentials)
  • Overseas & Domestic
  • Single, Duo & Family
  • Multi-trip
  • Business
  • Cruise, ski & Golf

6. Peace of Mind

You will able to access medical assistance with confidence, wherever you are.

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