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Travel Europe with Travel Insurance

Europe offers wonderful travel experiences. Travel insurance provides peace of mind. Europe boasts a variety of destinations, the Greek Islands, French Riviera, ancient ruins of Rome to the stunning scenery of the Swiss Alps.  Whether a short stay or long holiday,

It is easy for Australians to visit Europe

Australians do not require a visa to visit most of the countries within Europe for leisure visits of up to 90 days. Only 3 countries currently require entry visas (Russia, The Ukraine & Belarus). Since the formation of the  European Union it is possible to travel throughout much of Europe with a single passport stamp on entry, and another upon returning home. Most European countries are considered safe travel destinations for Australian’s. Remember to check for the latest travel advisories for each country you will visit.

European Experience

You can experience several different countries, even if you only have a couple of weeks to spare. The European railway makes travel between countries fast, comfortable and convenient while. The metro’s and subways of the major cities are well designed and relatively simple to navigate.  They are a cost effective way to explore a city.

Europe allows travellers to retrace the steps of significant historic, political and religious history. Many famous architectural and historical sites are located in Europe, including the Eiffel Tower to the ruins of ancient Greece and Rome.

When on a trip alway be prepared for the unexpected.  Europ’s cobble stone streets play havoc with ankles! Travel Insurance Plus offers a range of covers for overseas travel; we have insurance packages for singles and families, for one-off trips and frequent travellers. We also understands that quality cover at a fair price is what matters most.

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