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Adventure, Awesome Wildlife, Amazing Wilderness And Travel Insurance Just In Case…

Canada is a country full of great beauty and diversity, with natural sceneries that will leave you spellbound. Canada is home to great cities such as Vancouver, Victoria and Toronto. These cities are diverse and unique and each deserve a blog of their own. Needless to say they all have thriving music, fashion, art and tourist attractions.

Whether you are hiking through green mountainsides, dodging moose and bear, snowboarding the slopes of Whistler Blackcomb or looking for a downtown Victorian bar to drink at, Canada truly does offer something for all tastes and budgets.

Vancouver – A Great City

Built amongst breathtaking surroundings, with snow capped mountains on one side and ocean on the other, Vancouver is also home to Stanley Park, one of the biggest inner-city parks in all of North America. The combination of English Bay, Stanley Park and the convenient plan of the city paves the perfect path for exciting days out and about.

Vancouver Island – Unexpected Beauty

You can get a ferry to Vancouver Island and spend the day strolling Victoria or spend the week exploring the amazing beaches, hiking wilderness trails and camping grounds.

You can even enjoy some of Canada’s best Rugby when you are there.

Whistler – Adrenaline Central & Travel Insurance Required!

Whistler is a winter wonderland for the skiing and snowboarding backpacker – from beginner to expert. In the warmer months Whistler transforms into a hiking and camping mecca.

Stunning scenery right across the country 

Mid to eastern Canada has so much to offer. Central Canada is made up of Quebec and Ontario. More than half of the population of Canada live in cities in southern Ontario and Quebec close to the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River areas including Niagra Falls.

Eastern Canada comprises Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Prince Edward and Nova Scotia are the Atlantic provinces.  This part of Canada is steeped with history as it was settled by European explorers.  This area is also rich in natural resources and beauty.

Toronto for some culture

Toronto is frequently compared to New York, not for architecture but for the vibe and culture. The city boasts some of the world’s very best museums, art galleries and boutique retail shopping. Toronto is surrounded by one of the largest recreational waterfronts in North America.

Always pack travel insurance

Travel Insurance Plus offers quality travel insurance for less than you might expect. The unexpected can happen when on the slopes  or exploring the wilderness. While you can not plan for the unexpected, you can prepare for it with a Travel Insurance Plus Policy.

We also have information on the United States.

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