Travel Insurance Cambodia

Cambodia Is Remote, So You Need Travel Insurance

When you visit Cambodia or the “Kingdom of Wonder” you will see smiling faces, stunning country side and amazing relics. Just make sure you pack travel insurance you can rely on. Some  south east asian countries, their medical system is not as modern as Australia. But don’t let that put you off  – Cambodia is an amazing country and well worth a visit.

Phnom Penh to Siem Reap 

A couple of days in Phnom Penh will do before moving on to Siem Reap, where you may be in for a pleasant shock. It is a modern city, with accommodation ranging from inexpensive but well-appointed guesthouses to 4-star hotels.  And do yourself a favour in giving Siem Reap a week of your time if you possibly can. It’s an easy city to stay in, and the surrounding countryside is stunning, especially at the tail end of the rainy season (October-November), when the lush greenery is almost painfully beautiful to behold. .  There are actually three floating villages near Siem Reap, with Chong Kneas, being the most touristy and least appealing. All of Siem Reap’s floating villages are on Tonle Sap Lake. During the rainy season, and from some angles, the Tonle Sap looks more like a vast sea than a lake.

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Angkor Wat – A Must See

Always make time to see the fabled temples of Angkor Wat.  It is truly a beautiful place.

Well maintained, paved roads make Angkor Wat an easy visit. It has to be one of the most photogenic places on earth.  A common recommendation is you buy a 3-day pass at the gates as you can’t possibly do the vast temple complex justice in a day.

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Discovering Sihanoukville – You won’t be disappointed 

Many think Sihanoukville to be a busy tourist beach destination along the lines of Bali’s Kuta Beach. What you find on Ochheuteal beach is a long, mostly empty beach, with small restaurants crowded together along a short stretch of beach on the northern end.

Serendipity Beach Road is a great attraction if you love good food, and between the Mexican, Italian, Greek, Japanese and fusion restaurants on Serendipity Road, you can always find a great meal.

Travel Insurance for less than you might expect

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