Compare QBE Travel Insurance

Once you have your QBE travel insurance quote – get a quote from Travel Insurance Plus. You may be pleasantly surprised by how much you will save. We offer comprehensive, budget and annual multi trip travel insurance at great online prices.

Why compare QBE Travel Insurance to Travel Insurance Plus?

1. Hollard Emergency Assistance

Whether you need emergency directions to a medical centre, language translation or to lodge a medical claim – you can count on quality, worldwide care.

2. Australian based service

Like QBE travel insurance, Travel insurance Plus is Australian owned. However, our call centre is based in Australia. Call us and you will talk to someone who understands the Aussie vernacular.

3. Quality Travel Insurance at great rates

Travel Insurance Plus is committed to high quality cover at low prices. QBE travel insurance   provides great products and services. We still recommend you compare cover options for your next trip. After your QBE quote-be sure to get a quote from Travel Insurance Plus and you may save.

4. Policies for Australian travellers

We have a broad range of policy options that will cover your travelling needs. If you have any questions simply call us on 1800 662 522.

5. Cover you can count on!

You are fortunate to have many travel insurance providers in Australia, like QBE Travel Insurance, to choose from and most provide cover you can count on. We are no different – pack travel insurance you can trust – get a quote from Travel Insurance Plus. You can learn more here.

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