Overseas weddings and Travel Insurance

Couples are saving thousands of dollars combining their wedding and honeymoon 

Are you planning your dream wedding in a tropical paradise? Getting married overseas is becoming increasingly popular with the more common locations being beach or island resorts in Bali, Hawaii, Fiji, the Cook Islands, Thailand and Tahiti. Some Australians are even eloping to Las Vegas to be married by Elvis!

In February 2014, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission’s stated, the average Australian wedding costs $36,200. Many Australian’s spend in excess of $50,000 to kick start-wedded bliss. But and it is a BIG but – the average cost of an overseas wedding is just $9,000!

And that $9,000 includes the bride and grooms airfares, accommodation, venue, catering, flowers and photography. But, while there are significant savings for the newlyweds, there are significant additional expenses for the wedding party and guests – as they need to purchase tickets and accommodation they may not have been required if the wedding remained local.

Bali is the most popular overseas wedding destination for Australians

 Bali is beautiful, the people are warm and friendly plus it provides one of the most affordable and stunning locations in South East Asia. You can read our quick travel guide Things To Do In Bali that explains why over 1,000,000 Australians visit Bali every year.

 Your Bali Wedding

If you are planning a wedding in Bali you might like to speak with the team at Your Bali Wedding. They are experts at finding the perfect location, booking your reception venue, to arranging accommodation and ensuring both your and your guests’ needs are met.

Travel Insurance for Peace of Mind

Travelling overseas is a great way to combine a wedding with discovering new and exciting places. But some discoveries are best avoided, such as the significant costs of uninsured medical or emergency care or lost luggage that included your wedding dress, suit and all your clothes.

Couples are increasingly combining their wedding with their honeymoon and using travel insurance to help provide piece of mind for their big day. No matter the destination, there are 9,000 reasons (dollars) why you need to purchase quality travel insurance.

 For instance, during 2014, volcanic ash caused the grounding of many international flights, across Asia Pacific for several days causing many guests to miss their wedding and incur cancellation costs. Comprehensive travel insurance will protect or significantly reduce your financial loss.

What Travel Insurance will cover

 Quality travel insurance will pay your reasonable additional travel expenses to reach a wedding or prepaid travel/tour arrangements on time if your scheduled transport is cancelled, delayed or diverted and that means you would not arrive on time.

Comprehensive travel insurance will also cover unlimited medical expenses and emergency assistance.

If, during your journey, your wedding or formal wear is stolen, accidentally damaged or is permanently lost, travel insurance will pay either:

  • the repair cost;
  • the replacement cost;
  • the cost of repairing or replacing the lost or damaged part of a pair, set or collection of jewellery or the original purchase price (subject to policy limits)

While you can’t predict when you will need cover, you can help protect yourself, family and friends for less than you might expect.

Great Travel Tips

  • Ensure you always have original receipts for high value items and that you report anything lost or stolen within 24 hours to the police, hotel or transport operator and obtain a report.
  • Always make sure that you don’t leave your items unattended or out of reach.
  • If you become ill or injured, the medical professionals are going to need information for your next of kin/nominated contacts, allergies, how to locate your travel  documents and other important information.
  • Make sure your travel partner or family know where to find these items in an emergency. 

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 About Travel Insurance Plus

Travel Insurance Plus offers a range of covers for overseas travel; we have insurance packages for singles and families, for one-off trips and frequent travellers. We are also a company who understands that quality cover at a fair price is what matters most.

Underwritten by Hollard Australia Insurance Limited, Travel Insurance Plus offers a range of cover and benefits to help make your overseas wedding memorable, for all the right reasons.

What’s covered?

  • Emergency medical & hospital
  • Luggage and personal effects
  • Travel delay expenses
  • Cancellation fees & lost deposits
  • Computers, cameras and mobile phones
  • Plus more depending on the plan you purchase. Read our Product Disclosure Statement for full terms and conditions, including limits and exclusions that may apply.

At Travel Insurance Plus, we’re about value and quality. We offer a range of quality travel insurance products at a fair price—less than you might expect. As a direct travel insurance option, this helps keep our premiums low, without skimping on your cover.


  • Provide quality cover at great prices
  • Are 100% Australian owned & have an Australian based customer and claims centre
  • Deliver fast, fair and efficient claims
  • Offer 24/7 emergency assistance provided by Hollard
  • Offer a reliable and friendly service.

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