Jul 16, 2014

Why you need Travel Insurance to Asia

Asian Adventure & Travel Insurance

How about surfing perfect waves in Bali or the Maldives, where pristine water and awesome reef breaks offer endless barrels. Or a bike tour through Vietnam, where you cycle through stunning terraced rice paddies dotted with friendly villages, the odd duck farm and jungled mountains as a backdrop.  Japan offers some of the best skiing in the world where you can float through waist high powder.  Or you may just want to relax on a beach in Thailand and enjoy sun, sand and an elephant ride! If you are the adventurous type don’t forget to pack some travel insurance just in case…

Party in Asia 

You can party all day and all night in Bali, Hong Kong, Bangkok, or just about any major city.  You will find fellow travellers from all around the world keen to party all night with you.  Your dollars will easily last all night (except Hong kong) as food and beverages are significantly cheaper than Australia.  Just make sure you always respect the locals and have friends with you as it is easy to get lost after a few drinks and all night fun!

Asian Family Holiday

Asia is a great family holiday location.  For starters, the flights are reasonably short in duration.  Most destinations are 6-8 hours away from Eastern Australia.  Bali is only a couple of hours from Perth.  Bali has become a popular family destination as it is cheap with some great family villas in the beachside suburbs.  Bali also boasts a terrific animal safari park, Waterbom park (water slides) and a relaxed atmosphere.  Thailand has some wonderful family friendly resorts and children friendly beaches.  Hong Kong has Disneyland if you only have a few days available for travel.

Asia is a shopping Mecca

You name it Asia has got it!  Singapore and Hong Kong cater for both ends of the spectrum – designer boutiques to knock-off heaven!  Even Bali’s now famous Seminyak has some of the best value and best quality boutique shopping in Asia.  Hong Kong has the renowned Ladies and Night Markets, where you can barter to your hearts content. Just make sure you keep your wallet, purse, camera, phone and passport secure and safe at all times.  Pickpockets do their best work when you are distracted by price bartering and bargain hunting.  We recommend some online travel insurance shopping before you leave home.

Getting Around Asia Flights

Asia is now serviced by numerous airlines offering daily departures.  Airlines such as JetStar, Virgin, Air Asia, Singapore Airlines, Cathay, JAL, All Nippon, Air China, Southern China, This and Garuda Airlines to name a few.  Hence, competition keeps the airfares affordable. Asia is an awesome and inspiring but inherently different with no two destinations the same. Some of the places you will visit may be remote and as such the medical facilities not to the same standard as Australia.  Bali or Delhi belly can cause trip and flight interruption. Roads can be cut off my a mudslide and we all remember the volcanic ash cloud that grounded flights all through Asia.  To read an overview of Bali click here.

Travel Insurance is recommended

Travel Insurance for the unexpected is essential.  Travel Insurance Plus offers quality cover for less than you might expect.  Cover includes medical assistance, emergency assistance, repatriation, cancellations, travel delay, lost baggage to name a few.

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