Nov 4, 2014

When is the best time to buy travel insurance?

Buy travel insurance as soon as you pay for flights accommodation or deposits 

Comprehensive travel insurance not only covers unexpected medical bills or emergency medical assistance but also covers lost deposits and out of pocket expenses due cancelation and delays. The best time to purchase your travel insurance is as soon as you’ve made any initial payment or deposit. That way – if you have to cancel your holiday due to reasons outside of your control, you can recover out of pocket costs.

Before our last family holiday our then 3 year old dislocated her elbow whilst in the flight check-in queue. The airline and airport were extremely helpful and an ambulance was called. Needless to say, we missed our flight and were required to booked a nights accommodation at an airport hotel. The airline was accommodating and booked us on a flight the next day. Although a relatively simple, yet painful, delay occurred, we were out of pocket for the airport hotel and the loss of our first nights accommodation, transfers and meals at our destination. All of which our travel insurance covered.

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Cancellation and travel delay are important travel insurance benefits

Comprehensive travel insurance covers cancellation or trip interruption from the time the insurance policy is issued (up to the limit of your policy). All other cover begins on the start date you choose.

The most common reasons for cancelled or delayed trips include:

  • unexpected illness for a relative requiring you to cancel before or during your trip;
  • injury; and
  • natural disasters

There are plenty of travel insurance companies out there and they all want your money. Be aware of cheap policies that fail to cover your trip. Check that lower prices do not mean reduced cover, as you may not be purchasing the cover you expected. Our comprehensive policy for a family travelling to Indonesia for two weeks cost us approximately AUD$130 and our claim for my daughters dislocation was well over AUD$1000.  A reasonably small investment in our peace of mind.

The world is your oyster and your travel starts from the time you decide to go. Your holiday is an investment in your happiness. Hence, protect your financial investment with travel insurance as soon as you’ve parted with any payments toward your trip.

Another great travel tip 

Before deciding on your final destination refer to official travel advice from the Department of Foreign Affairs.  This sight is a wealth of information and regularly updated.  You can also  subscribe for travel warning advice for your chosen destination. It is also highly recommended to log your itinerary with department so the Australian government knows where you are if a disaster is to occur.  Last year The Department of Foreign Affairs handled over 20,000 cases involving Australians in difficulty overseas. Most of these cases involved Australians travelling with no or inadequate travel insurance and as a result are now faced with a long-term financial burden.

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By Turiee  – Travel Insurance Plus


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