May 21, 2015

Vietnam is the latest Asia tourism hot spot

Like all the other countries in the region Vietnam is beautiful, littered with history, tradition and is ripe for exploration.

It can though be very rough around the edges, at times you could almost liken it to the wild west from a tourism perspective.With such a sudden and massive influx of tourists you will need to have your wits about you.

Vietnamese travel tips

Some general trips for travel in Vietnam are:

  • Make sure your transport is road or sea worthy
  • Make sure the trips you book are with reputable providers
  • Know where you are in relation to the nearest town/doctor

Of course it is not all bad there. But being prepared never hurts!

Part of the fun of travel is getting off the beaten track and exploring, whether that be on a boat in one of the 1000’s of bays or trekking through the jungle.

Whilst these adventures are wonderful and are absolutely to be encouraged, any trip should be accompanied with the comfort of Travel Insurance.

Getting hurt is one thing, gear going missing is another. Being stranded and helpless because you chose not to pay for Travel Insurance, that is unforgiveable.

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