Aug 8, 2016

Vienna, Take a Family Holiday in this majestic city
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The Austrian capital, Vienna, is a city that can completely charm anyone with its majestic history, contemporary museums, absurdly pompous architecture, dynamic eating and eclectic nightlife scenes and not to forget, its sheer quality of life.

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The best part of Vienna is that you can explore the city on foot – though it’s a big, variegated city, but even then, you can effortlessly walk on foot while discovering all its delights. For many, Vienna’s charms remain mainly in its captivating history that is exceptionally evident when walking through the city centre, past the magnificent palaces of the Hofburg, Schönbrunn and the Ringstrasse boulevard which never fails to reflect the imperial glory of the past. Furthermore, the swarm of art treasures in some of the remarkable museums like the Kunsthistorisches, Albertina, Belvedere and Leopold museum is enough to make a non-art lover fall for it. Other than being an amazing cultural delight, Vienna is also musically one of the lushest cities in the world. Therefore, don’t forget to delight your eyes and ears with a night out at the Musikverein or State Opera to fully understand why Vienna is celebrated as the ‘Heart of the music world”.

On the other hand, the kids and any animal-lovers will adore the Vienna Zoo, which with its huge, cute pandas, is deemed as the oldest and the most gorgeous zoo in the world. Besides experiencing the flawless spectacle of equestrian sophistication, witnessing a gala performance of the Lipizzaner stallions in the baroque Winter Riding School, is possibly one of the world’s most stunning things you may see in your life. Moreover, don’t miss stopping over at the large amusement park, the Prater, which is also the location of the famous Big Wheel along with many other thrilling rides. The slow whirl of this delightfully old-fashioned Ferris wheel is a must – no one is too old for the Big Wheel!

In this dynamic city, you simply don’t want to miss out on its vivacious assortment of trendy cafes and bars as well as their appealing brews, wines and traditional food are to die for!

By now you know, for the perfect family fun-filled holiday, no place can be better than Vienna and it is rightfully so. Happy Traveling!

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