Jun 9, 2015

Vanuatu, still beautiful and needs you

After the recent cyclones hit Vanuatu, there has, understandably been a drop off in tourism.

One of the family members of a TravelInsurancePlus employee has just returned from a week there.

They had a wonderful time and the word paradise was used on multiple occassions to describe their holiday and we were left in no doubt that they would return.

They were though almost alone, dinner was often in restaurants alone or with just a few other patrons. We were left in no doubt that the island needs the tourists to return. Whilst there are issues with the infrastructure the island as you say is “open for business”.

No holiday is ever without a “holiday story ” and this visit to Vanuatu was no different.

With not a lot of business on offer, it was easy enough to get a taxi for the day, after using the same taxi for two days and booking him for the third with the intention of visiting another part of the island, the tourists were genuinely surprised when the the taxi driver handed them the keys. It was his day working in a bar the next day and he had no use for the taxi so he lent the cab to them for the day!

Now, as they were traveling from NZ we had no part in insuring them, but we would love to have seen the outcome of their travel insurance claim had they crashed!

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