Sep 27, 2015

Travelling in the USA
USA travel insurance

USA travel insurance

The USA is a vast continent with many diverse areas for visitors to see. Getting around offers a number of possibilities from the train to a hire car and flying. Here are a few ideas for those planning travel in America.

When in the USA travel insurance is a must


One of the best ways to get across a long distance, especially if time is limited, is to fly. Most towns and cities have an airport with connections so booking online to find the perfect flight is very easy. It is also a cost effective option when travelling longer distances in the USA.

Hire Car

Hiring a car is easy in the USA and most airports and cities have a desk to make arrangements. This can also be arranged in advance online and enables the driver to select the type of vehicle for their requirements. Driving is very practical for travelling within a short area where public transportation is limited. Visitors can also drive one of the many classic routes through the USA such as Route 66.


There are some beautiful train routes through the USA and allow visitors to see the landscape whilst relaxing. One of the most scenic routes is the Coast Starlight Express which runs from Los Angeles to Seattle and is an awesome experience.


Greyhound buses run between cities in the USA and are an inexpensive way of travelling across the country. Distances mean this way of travel can take longer but it is a popular way to get around.


Seeing the USA from the water is another way to travel from town to town. Some cruise ships operate in this way and you’ll find ferries too. Try a journey up the Alaskan coastline or take the Staten Island Ferry in New York for an idea or two on travelling on the water.

In the USA there are lots of diverse ways of travelling around and making the arrangements is really easy online. Why not take a little time to plan you will travel around the USA on your next visit.

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