Jan 12, 2015

Traveling in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Awesome Surfing & Beaches

Check out any guidebook on Nicaragua and itʼs sure to include a mention of San Juan del Sur. For surfers, itʼs the go-to spot for year-round waves; for those looking to plop down on the sand with drink in hand, itʼs the most accessible option in the country. Young backpacker types head there for the Sunday night parties in the hostels that line the townʼs main streets, while more mature tourists enjoy the wealth of finer restaurants, fresh fish, and beautiful views from the beach houses found in the hills surrounding the townʼs bay.

San Juan del Sur – A Must Visit Town

Located in the southwest corner of Nicaragua, San Juan del Sur is roughly two and a half hours from the countryʼs international airport in Managua — close enough to get to on the same day of arrival, yet far from the hustle, bustle and traffic of the capital city. Thatʼs not to say that San Juan del Sur doesnʼt have a bustle of its own; on any given day, youʼll probably be delighted to people-watch as surfers ride by on motorcycles outfitted with surf racks, locals hawk fresh fruit in hand-pushed carts, and fishermen come and go from the townʼs relatively tranquil bay.

Accommodation For San Juan del Sur

Places to stay range from shared dorm rooms along the townʼs relatively few main streets — available to book by simply walking in. On Sundays though, itʼs probably best to book ahead for hostels including Pacha Mama and the Naked Tiger, part of the raucous “Sunday Funday” pool crawl that happens every weekend. Slightly more upscale guesthouses with private rooms and bathrooms abound as well, and for a more luxury experience, check out Pelican Eyes Resort or the bounty of private homes dotted among the hills above town. VRBO.com or Airbnb.com are good places to find private residences where youʼll have many of the comforts of home — all with great views.

What to do San Juan del Sur

In San Juan del Sur, the main activities naturally center around the ocean. The townʼs beach is a good place to sink your toes in the sand and have lunch delivered to you right on the beach, while occasionally dipping into the beachʼs relatively calm waters. Itʼs also the place to book a boat or fishing tour.

For those seeking more adventure, book a shuttle — or get a free ride from your hotel — to the many beaches north and south of town. Playa Maderas and Playa Marsella are popular options for surfing, but south of town, the relatively unpopulated Playa Remanso is also worth a visit.

Travel Insurance For San Juan del Sur

Active or adventure travel offers excitement and exhilaration. It can also offer unexpected accident and illness. So you can travel with confidence travel insurance is always recommended.

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