Oct 20, 2014

2014 The Year of the YOLO traveller

YOLO’s are the 2014 travellers!

2014 has seen the increase of the YOLO (You Only Live Once) travellers. Google Yolo and you’ll have pages of travel companies marketing toward this group of adventurers.  Yolo’s are after the “unique”, something they can impress their friends and family with but also fulfil their need for the “out of the ordinary” adventure. Buzzwords such as “sustainable and responsible”, “meaningful”, “small group” and “empowering ethos” are what categorise these travellers. Sounds good doesn’t it. “Affordable” is a tag that often follows these descriptions. Even better!

Social Media is fuelling the desire to YOLO travel

Travel is hard to ignore thanks to social media. We have images of amazing destinations flashing before our eyes all day.  Untouched areas of the globe are no longer unreachable, they are travelled, shared and “liked”. Hotels and airports are becoming more photogenic with the addition of visual details to excite the instagram crowd into “snapping and sharing, generating buzz within their social networks” says Conde Nast Traveller.  Travel is increasingly becoming an “instagram-able experience”. On a recent trip to Byron Bay I hunted out a shop I’d been following on instagram. I logged into Facebook, pressed my “check-in” tab and had a dozen “likes” before I’d left the shop, with my pre-determined purchases in hand!

Food Travel  – A hunger for Adventure

The “unique” experience is cemented by food.  Food represents the destinations culture better than anything else. Food travellers believe that eating local, regional foods can help you really get to know a place. And more people are travelling to eat! Conde Nast Traveller says that “our obsession with authentic regional cuisine and the origins of its ingredients will grow, with more travellers wanting to take cooking classes, go with chefs to food markets, meet farmers and cheese makers and wine makers, even stomp grapes”. Travellers are already flying around the world to “food meccas” like Lima for Gaston Acurio’s new Peruvian cuisine.

South America is growing in YOLO popularity

Peru is a big draw card for 2014. Not only is it South America’s gastronomic capital but it is also home to the Inca trail and Machu Picchu, a definite “instagram-able experience”. Cool hotels are popping up all over like the uniquely tilted “Unbalanced Hotel” built on the side of a cliff.  South America is the home of the 2016 Summer Olympics and the Soccer World Cup in June/July and many Brazil bound travellers will add stops to other South American countries. From Patagonian glaciers to the unique environment of the Galapagos it is on everyone’s to-do list.

The 2014 Traveller 

The 2014 traveller knows what they want and where to go to find it.  When experiencing the unique and out of the ordinary, they keep their social networks up to date with most details of their journey. Although they want to impress – they are also responsible, and respectful. Look out world, here they come!

YOLO Travel Insurance

YOLO’s clearly have a taste for adventure, but the mystery of an airline losing your luggage or unknown medical bills probably isn’t what you had in mind. By purchasing travel insurance before you go, you’ll help ensure that the only real risks you take are ones you get a thrill out of.

Many YOLO’s also visit Spain for adventure and Italy for its cuisine – for some travel tips you can read our Spain blog or Italy Country page.

For a YOLO travel insurance quote click here.

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