Feb 12, 2015

Travel packing tips

Ensure Your Holiday Goes Smoothly With These Great Packing Tips

You’ve given a lot of thought to your travel destination, where you’ll stay and what you’ll do — but now that it’s getting close, what are you going to wear? To ensure your holiday goes as smoothly as possible, make sure that packing your bags is not an afterthought. You’ll have a much smoother trip if you bring the right things and don’t overload yourself with lots of stuff you don’t need.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re packing and if you are travelling with children, here are some more helpful packing tips.

 What do you really need to pack?

First asses what activities you’re going to be doing and the type of accommodations in which you’re staying. If your hotel is a casual one with only a casual restaurant, do you really need that pair of high heels or that dinner jacket? There may be outdoor activities such as hiking available, but try to determine whether that hike is really rugged enough to warrant bringing trekking shoes. For most situations, a middle-of-the-road outfit that’s neither too casual nor too fancy will suffice in many restaurants, and an all-purpose pair of comfortable walking shoes will get you up that hiking trail.

 Less is more.

Remember, you have to carry things around, so there’s definitely something to be said for traveling light. In general, pack things that can serve in multiple situations. For example, a pair of black pants could work well for nights out, but can also serve well for walking around town during the day.

 Lay everything out when packing.

In an effort to pack as light as possible, lay all of the things you think you want to bring on your bed before putting it in your suitcase. Then ask yourself what you really, truly can’t live without, and leave the rest at home.

 Leave bulky items at home if you can.

If you’re going on a warm beach vacation and leaving behind a wintry winter scene, you don’t necessarily have to carry that bulky winter coat with you. If you’re leaving a car at the airport, stash the coats in the trunk. If someone is picking you up, ask that person to bring your warm stuff.

By making an effort to pack light and to bring only what you need, you’ll have an easier, freer holiday while not sacrificing any of the fun.

Don’t Forget To Pack Travel Insurance 

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