Jun 10, 2015

Travel Insurance, this is why it exists

Have you ever had this thought? “I don’t need Travel Insurance” as I am careful.

Admit it, you have, most of us have.

Here is a real life example of just why you need Travel Insurance, this has happened over the past two weeks to an extremely cautious high end traveler. If it happened to them, it can definitely happen to you.

Sick on holiday

Let’s call the lady in question “Valerie”.

Valerie was on a walking trip in Sardinia, for 14 nights. On their last day of the trip the afternoon was to be spent on the boat of their 5 star hotel. Lunch was provided and all was well with the world.

Except it wasn’t.

A few hours later many of the people on the trip fell ill with food poisoning…. Could happen to anyone I hear you cry. Well of course it could.

But, the effects of the food poisoning meant that Valerie and her travel companion couldn’t travel to London the next day. This meant booking another night in the hotel, cancelling transfers, having to arrange a new flight and incur the charges. They lost their first night at the hotel in London and because they didn’t show up had some very fancy dancing to do when they did.

Remember these are ladies of an advanced age, but seasoned travelers nonetheless.

Valerie is now having to claim for all of her out of pocket expenses and they were significant.

It is not the illness that you always need travel insurance for – it is the repercussions of the illness. Don’t travel without your insurance!

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