Nov 13, 2014

Travel Insurance Pregnancy

Pregnancy and Travel Insurance

You’ve discovered that you are about to embark on the biggest journey of your life – parenthood! Although pregnancy can create some unexpected decisions in planning your holiday, you can still prepare for both and have an amazing trip. Ensuring you have adequate pregnancy travel insurance is really important.

3 Travel Insurance Pregnancy Tip’s

  1. Whether you are currently pregnant or planning to become pregnant, make sure you discuss your travel plans with your doctor, so that they can advise you on any specific medical issues you should be prepared for.
  2. Your choice of destination should also be a factor in your pregnancy, especially the standard of medical care available outside Australia. Some countries can have extremely unreliable medical services or very basic facilities. There are destinations that it is strongly advised that pregnant women do not travel to. Pregnant women are more susceptible to viruses such as malaria with infections leading to serious side effects.
  3. Dehydration from diarrhoea is also more serious when pregnant, always drink bottled, purified or boiled water and double check your food has been cooked properly. These are great reasons to have quality travel cover.

Travel Plans for Pregnancy

Another consideration is what you plan to do on your trip. Some activities are best avoided while travelling pregnant. Activities like water skiing, saunas and hot tubs, scuba diving and high altitude destinations are best avoided. Reclining on a deck chair on a tropical beach however, is highly recommended, especially if you have chosen the domestic travel option. Because you are still in Australia you have access to Medicare to assist in any routine pregnancy related medical expense that may not be covered under your pregnancy travel insurance policy.

Airlines and Pregnant Travel

Airlines offer their own restrictions on when they’ll allow you to fly when pregnant and the timing can vary depending on who you choose to fly with. It is important to check when you book. It is recommended that if you are showing, even if you are well under the cut off period, that you carry a “fit-to-fly” certificate from your doctor that has been recently dated.

Great Travel Insurance for Pregnancy

All Travel Insurance Plus policies cover for pregnancy, which is single and uncomplicated up to and including 23 weeks. Pregnancies arising from services or treatment associated with an assisted reproduction program, including but not limited to IVF will need to apply for extra cover with Travel Insurance Plus having agreed in writing (just call). For travel cover past 23 weeks gestation extra cover will also need to be applied for and agreed to by Travel Insurance Plus.

Understand Pregnancy Travel Insurance Limits and Exclusions

It is important to be aware that limits and general exclusions apply for all travel insurance pregnancy polices issued by all travel insurance providers in Australia. Unless formally agreed to, after 23 weeks gestation your travel insurance cover may switch off automatically. In any event, Pregnancy Travel insurance will not pay medical expenses for regular antenatal care, childbirth at any gestation and care of a newborn child. Problems associated with morning sickness are not claimable under pregnancy travel insurance as it is not considered a severe/life threatening medical condition. You can always call us  on 1800 662 522.

Don’t let your baby bliss turn into a pregnancy travel nightmare

Be organised and responsible. Choose your destination wisely, taking all care in your preparation and purchase the correct pregnancy travel insurance policy to suit your needs. This is a time to be enjoyed and celebrated. For any further information please refer to our Travel Insurance Product comparison. The product disclosure statement contains detailed information about travel insurance covering pregnancy.

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