Nov 30, 2014

Travel Insurance Plus Charity

Travel Insurance Plus donates 13 percent of net revenue* to Charity

Travel Insurance Plus Charity provides low cost, highest quality cover that lets you help those in need and make a difference to the lives of children and their families. We do not charge you extra for our products and we do not ask you to pay more or donate…we are genuinely contributing on your behalf from our profits. Travel Insurance Plus Charity donates to the following charities:

  • The Starlight Foundation – help transform the lives of seriously ill children, young people and their families, throughout Australia
  • Opportunity International – helping mothers living in poverty use a small loan to start there own business

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You & Travel Insurance Plus Charity make a difference

According to the Catalyst Australia Research Report (2012) the Australian benchmark for companies donating to charity is just 0.63 percent of their profits.

While you can’t predict when you will need cover, you can make a real difference for others in need.

Travel Insurance Plus Charity offers a range of covers for overseas and domestic travel for;

  •  Singles and families
  • for one-off trips and frequent travellers
  • Products underwritten by Allianz Australia Insurance Limited
  • Travel Insurance Plus Charity offers will provide peace of mind

What’s covered?

  • Emergency medical & hospital
  • Luggage and personal effects
  • Travel delay expenses
  • Cancellation fees & lost deposits
  • Computers, cameras and mobile phones

Plus more depending on the plan you purchase. Read our Product Disclosure Statement for full terms and conditions, including limits and exclusions that may apply.

There’s travel insurance, and then there’s Travel Insurance Plus Charity—quality cover for less than you might expect .

At Travel Insurance Plus Charity, we’re about value and quality. We offer a range of quality travel insurance products at a fair price—less than you might expect. As a direct travel insurance option, this helps keep our premiums low, without skimping on your cover PLUS you donate to charity and improve the lives of others.

At Travel Insurance Plus, we:

  • Provide quality cover at great prices
  • Donate 10% of pre-tax profit to charity
  • Are 100% Australian owned & have an Australian based customer and claims centre
  • Deliver fast, fair and efficient claims
  • Offer 24/7 emergency assistance provided by Allianz Global Assistance
  • Offer a reliable and friendly service.

Get a quote & buy a policy knowing you are making a difference.

We do not charge you extra for our products and we do not ask you to pay more or donate…we are genuinely contributing on your behalf from our profits.

*On average our ‘net revenue’ represents 20 percent of the premium you pay.  It is from this 20 percent that we donate on your behalf to charity. Please note, we have not or do not, increase our rates to cater for donations. We are committed to providing competitive online prices and top quality travel insurance.


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