May 19, 2015

Travel insurance in Bali, a sensible choice

Do you need travel insurance on your family holiday to Bali?

Take a step back, picture your child (or whole family (or even just you)) in need of help, and now answer the question above.

When thinking of travel insurance, the natural thought process is for some disaster occuring, whether it be natural or man made. The reality is a lot different.

  • How many kids have broken bones at the resort pool?
  • How many parents have had too much to drink and left all the money in the local bar?
  • Be honest, we have all crashed a moped

Those three examples are all innocent errors, we are all capable of them and they more often than not will require insurance to cover your costs.

A small premium paid prior to your departure will feel like an angel from above if needed in an emergency.

Travel insurance is oft forgetten by holidaymakers – especially when the holiday is to a familiar place, but it shouldn’t be. Accidents happen all the time, for a fraction of the cost of your trip you can ensure that your family (or just you) are safe and sound.

Use our quote engine to give yourself peace of mind. It is the sensible choice, especially in Bali.

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