Jul 8, 2015

Travel Insurance for Skiing USA

You are half way around the world – Tick
You are surrounded by beautiful white powder snow – Tick
You are are the top of a run – Tick

We hope you have a tick at the end of this statement:

You have travel insurance for your skiing trip to The USA – …. well?

It doesn’t matter how good you are at skiing, it is an unpredictable sport, not too mention the lesser skiers on the slopes with you. You simply cannot rely on your own skill all the time, this is highlighted even further if you are taking younger family members on the trip with you, seniors also!

People still get hurt on the American slopes and the harsh reality of life there is that medical expenses are large.

It doesn’t matter if you are working at an American resort, whether you are there on a family holiday or whether you are there as a backpacker for the apres ski…. You need insurance, whether it is for your benefit or for your family back home in the event of a tragic accident (and sadly they do occur), do the right thing, use the “get a quote” button on this page to give you and your family peace of mind on your skiing trip to America.

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