Jul 10, 2015

Travel Insurance for India

Stray dogs India | Travel Insurance PlusIndia is a massive, diverse, stunning and brutally confronting place to travel.

We have touched previously on Volunteerism in India, we still strongly believe in this concept and recommend it to all.

In this article we will talk about the less glamorous side of travel.

The name Delhi Beli didn’t come about by chance, you are often taking your chances with your general health when in the country and this is why Travel Insurance can be so vital on the sub continent. Missing a flight and subsequent parts of your trip because of food poisoning can be costly.

That is one small example of what can go wrong on a trip anywhere, not just in India and we have seen it.

The knock on effect of something as simple food poisoning is highlighted here, but then there are more serious and more costly events too. India is a long way from Australia and much of the country can be described as impoverished, the medical attention you may need might be a long way from where you are and the cost of getting you to that treatment or home can be high.

Put simply in India you need travel insurance, so press the “get a quote” button and give you and your family the peace of mind yo need on a trip to the Indian sub continent.

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