Aug 12, 2014

Top USA Attractions

America is vast and has an awe-inspiring landscape. Known for the Grand Canyon and iconic mountain ranges dotted with famous ski fields, to the swamps of the Southeast. Northern America has the Great Lakes, Niagara Falls, The Thousand Islands and iconic cities like New York and Boston. Both the east and west coasts have some of the most picturesque seaside drives and coastal towns in the world. Throughout the country are amazing national parks. Even the lesser-known parks have some of the most memorable views in the country, such as the Great Sand Dunes National Park, where you can admire the snow-capped mountains while standing on the hot Colorado dunes. Wherever you go, or whatever you do, try and see as many of the following attractions…

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. 

This park is one of the most beautiful national parks in the United States. There are two million acres of protected land. If you appreciate nature, then you will absolutely love Yellow Stone. It contains hot springs, wildlife such as elk, bison, wolves and bears. It contains half the world’s geysers, including the world famous Old Faithful. And when you add numerous lakes, rivers and waterfalls you’ll conclude you have entered one of the worlds natural wonderlands. The States is a busy place for any tourist, so to escape the crowds, Yellow Stone is a must.

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The Grand Canyon, Arizona. 

No trip to the United States is complete without experiencing the Grand Canyon, which is the largest Canyon in the world.  It has some of the most amazing views that you will find in the U.S. There are dozens of places to camp and explore. You can also hike the Colorado River that runs through the Canyon, or if hiking is not your thing, then take a scenic joy flight. No matter what you decide to do – you will be amazed by the scale and what the Grand Canyon has to offer.

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Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Ever wanted to visit a purpose made sin city – in the middle of the desert? If the answer is yes then Las Vegas is your place! You will find glass pyramids, canals, towers, circuses, lots of casinos, good and seedy night spots plus a number of other tourist attractions that attract millions of people every year. Las Vegas offers almost everything and anything that you can imagine, which is why it is so popular. The world famous Cirque du Soleil, Celine Dion and other top line artists play for extended seasons. Oh, and if like to gamble then you can do that as well.

New York City, New York. 

New York City is one of the most interesting and fun cities in the world and very easy to navigate. Must sees are Central Park and Times Square. This is where the “ball drops” on New Year’s Eve. It’s truly the city that never sleeps and is absolutely amazing to see the rush of city life and New York culture. If that doesn’t interest you, then check out the Metropolitan Museum of Art, known as “The Met”. You can also visit Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, or visit the 9/11 memorial at the former World Trade Center site. The Empire State offers amazing views of the cityscape.  Also, New York has some of the best restaurants and cuisine the U.S has to offer.

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Thousand Islands, Upstate New York

The absolutely stunning Thousand Islands, constitute an archipelago of 1,864 islands situated between the Canada-U.S. border on the Saint Lawrence River. They stretch for about 50 miles (80 km) downstream from Kingston, Ontario. The foreshores are dotted with lovely cottages and boat houses designed to blend in with the surrounds.

The thousand islands region offers all forms of water sports, including some of the best fresh water fishing in the world. You can enjoy all types of boating, from canoeing and kayaking to jet skiing, speed boating and sailboating. Be sure to have some of your exploring guided by the several boat tours available on both sides of the border.

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If you can’t make the islands for Summer, but can make autumn, then it is recommended you drive through New York state to witness a patchwork of colours as leaves turn from green to orange, red, purple, yellow and brown.

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Orlando, Florida.

One for the Kids…if you want to get a taste of Florida, the best place to do so is Orlando. In Orlando, you can check out Disney’s Magic Kingdom, which is the home of Cinderella’s Castle and a number of other famous attractions. Even though you may assume this is a tourist trap, it’s worth the trip. If you enjoy rides and attractions, you can also check out Universal Studios and try out the dozens of roller coasters at the main park and their sister  park, Islands of Adventure.

Washington, District of Columbia (D.C).

Washington D.C. is the capital of the United States, and there is nowhere else that you can go and get as much historical and political information. The National Mall, which is the grassy area that spreads between the Washington Monument and the United States Capitol Building, is lined with dozens of museums and memorials. The Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial Wall (known as “The Wall”), the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Jefferson Memorial are all found in this area of the city. The Smithsonian Institute has several museums, including the National Air and Space Museum – where you can see space craft and Glamorous Glenn – the aircraft piloted by Chuck Yeager that broke the sound barrier.

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

If you are into history or want to learn more about American history, then you will want to spend a day or two in this  area of the country. The largest battle of the American Civil War occurred here, where thousands of soldiers from both sides lost their lives. There are a number of  museums found in this region as well, and many of them have compelling displays and information. Take a drive through the battlefields using one of their audio tours.

Los Angeles, California. 

Los Angeles is the center of fame and fortune, built off the back of Hollywood. Tourists flock to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which has the handprints and bronze-engraved names of almost 2,500 celebrities from around the world. You can see the famous Hollywood sign and stroll Rodeo Drive.

But the real beauty of California is the drive along California’s Pacific Coast Highway.  An exhilarating driving experience, this twisting, cliff-hugging, 123-mile (198-kilometer) route along the central California coast takes about five hours to complete at a leisurely pace. Designated an All-American Road—among the nation’s most scenic — the drive encompasses both the Big Sur Coast Highway and the San Luis Obispo North Coast Byway.

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The People

The American people are some of the most hospitable and welcoming folk you will ever meet. The real America can be discovered in the small towns and on their main streets. Simply walk the streets and say “G’day” for some of the most memorable conversations you will ever have.

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