Dec 19, 2014

Top Highlights from Panama Travel Guide

Being at the heart of Central America, Panama is also an imperative link for world trade. The Panama Canal joins the Atlantic to the Pacific, marrying east to west for worldwide commerce. The canal defined Panama for many years. But what lies beyond of the locks could define Panama for many years to come. Lush rainforests, big city nightlife to pristine relaxing beaches, define the outstanding tourism assets this country posses. Nevertheless, there are ample paradoxes to be found. The US legacy suggests that the number of English speaking locals to be large, yet, an hour outside Panama city limits and you witness the indigenous Embera paddling in dugout canoes, who are not familiar with the english language and shun the western lifestyle.

Panama is a long flight from Australia – we have some tips on how to avoid jet lag.

Panama City

Panama City | Travel Insurance Plus

Panama City is high-octane, full of ceviche casinos, stacked with a towering skyline and some of the most congested traffic you will encounter. But people in Panama city,  adopt a relaxed attitude, look beyond the traffic and admire the beauty of the endless and fiery sunsets.

Moreover, a visit to the historical neighborhood of Casco Viejo should not be missed, since it has lovely cobblestones and convents. On those warm evenings spanning late spring and summer, artists dot the promenade and couples can be seen dining under parasols.

The Panama Canal

Panama Canal | Travel Insurance Plus

One of the most wonderful shortcuts of the world, the Panama Canal cuts right across the Continental Divide that links the Pacific and the Atlantic. And truth be told, it is worth marvelling. You will love watching an assortment animals passing through the fringes of the jungle whilst seeing the hulking steel container ships passing through the locks.

The Highlands of Panama

Notwithstanding if you came to see a marvelous quetzal, climb a volcano or pick coffee berries, the highlands of Panama have a sense of magic in them. So energize yourself with mountain-grown coffee in Boquete, the town that provides an eternal spring or hike through the cloud forests of Sendero Los Quetzales. You can even climb to the peak of Volcan Baru where the view of both coastlines is marvelous.

Lost Beaches of Panama


Pick from the ripping surf breaks to the tropical isles. Panama has multitudes of beaches that will suit any mood from hedonist to escapist. Fascinatingly, a number of these sandy stretches belong to the sea turtles that come during the hatching season.

Indigenous Culture of Panama

The native cultures of Panama are dynamic communities who have survived through changing and challenging times. Panama’s largest indigenous group is the Kunas. They are the most visited group as they own the San Blas Islands. These islands are a exquisite tropical paradises. Hence, they are extremely popular as you can enjoy paradise whilst witnessing the maintained traditional Kunas way of life. The Kunas provide a fascinating and realistic insight into how the people of Panama once lived.

Panama Travel Insurance

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