Aug 10, 2015

Top 3 Reasons to Take a Family Holiday to Fiji

A product of volcanic mountains, the Fijian islands were created in the image of true natural beauty. With ideal weather, warm waters and endless activities that both children and adults can enjoy, Fiji makes it to the top of destinations to visit for a family vacation. Here’s why…..

The Resorts

The choice you make when deciding on a resort can determine how your experience in Fiji will unfold. As tourism is the primary income for the economy, there are more resorts out there trying to sway you than ever before. The Shangri-La in Coral Coast has luxury facilities for the parents and a kid’s club to keep the little ones entertained. Turtle Island Resort on the Yasawa Islands is known for its traditional Bure accommodations and romantic setting but also offers a nanny service and playmate service for children. Additionally, the eco-resort on Vanua Levu, Jean-Michel Cousteau has activities focused on the marine culture and also offers nanny and buddy programs for the children.

The Sea Activities

Children love the aquarium but why bother with it when you can show them marine life up close and personal. Families can rent kayaks from majority of locations on the islands and paddle out into the shallow and calm waters for the day. Fiji also happens to have some of the most extravagant coral reefs in the world and your children will love the snorkeling opportunities as much as you.

The Land Activities

Aside from the beaches, families can take outings to some of Fiji’s drier attractions. The Garden of The Sleeping Giant will take you on laid back jungle treks and through manicured gardens of Fijian native plants. Try zip lining through the forest canopy if you are a brave bunch or rent bicycles and cruise around a little closer to the ground.

Fiji is a tropical paradise and somewhere that both you and your family can learn, relax and start to make memories that you will be talking about for years to come.

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