May 24, 2017

Thinking about Holidaying in a Bali Villa, great decision!

For those of you that have never been to Bali before and are seriously thinking about staying in one of the many Bali Holiday Villas available, then you have really made the right choice. Why? Because staying in a villa in any of the fashionable areas in Bali such as Seminyak, Kuta, Petitenget, Canggu or Legian is now considered the best way to go when holidaying with friends, family or as a couple.

Villa accommodation is now in vogue, especially with Europeans, Australian’s and an emerging Asian market. In fact, the demand for villa accommodation has literally exploded over the last 3-4 years due to the heavy demand mostly by Aussie families wanting to have that famous ‘villa experience’.

Some people might ask why vacationing in a villa is better than staying in a hotel and why all of a sudden has this trend grown exponentially? The answers are very simple and clearly detailed below.

Villa’s provide a level of privacy that you simply cannot get at a hotel. Sure, some of the 5 star hotels have a certain level of exclusivity and privacy but nothing and I repeat nothing comes remotely close to staying in a villa. As soon as you close those gates you are in your own private oasis, far away from other tourists. This is probably the key factor here and what is the driving force behind the growth in villa holidays.

Most villa’s that we manage at Bali Villa Escapes have their own private swimming pool and many of these pools are in fact quite large. They are also very child friendly with a wading/shallow area for the children to play in. This is far better than sharing a hotel pool with other screaming kids and noisy fellow travellers. Not to mention the fight to secure the best chair by the pool in the morning. You can put those dramas behind you of having to get up early and reserving your seat by the pool. This is a thing of the past if you are residing in your own private villa.

A majority of the villas come with a team of in house staff who are there full time making sure that the place is fully cleaned. Plus there are often in house chefs who are skilled at cooking Indonesian and Western dishes for you t enjoy. Just imagine having your own private chef there on demand anytime you want a snack or if the kids get hungry. The best part about this is that the chef is included in the nightly price of the villa. You certainly don’t get this level of service of pampering when your in a hotel. More often than not you have to stand in the buffet line and queue up like sheep. This is a thing of the past when you are in a villa! The aim of villa living is to ensure that you have as much down time and relaxation as possible.

The most luxury accommodation Bali are all within easy walking distance of the local attractions. So for example, if your staying in a villa in Seminyak the chances are high that your going to be close to world famous restaurants, some very hip and trendy bars as well as day spas, fashionable shopping boutiques as well as some top yoga studios and supermarkets. Everything you could ever want on your holiday is right there on your door step. This cuts down travel time which can prove frightening in the peak Bali traffic times. Ideally, you want to stay well away from the main roads during peak hours so if your villa is in a central location, you really do not have far to go.

If your coming to Bali as a family with children, all of the villas to some extent are very child friendly. That is cots, baby chairs, pool fences, baby sitters as well as nannies, prams and food can be organised for you if you ask in advance. Thinks about your villa as your second home away from home, yet in a tropical and gorgeous environment. So if your planning on bringing the kids, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Everything will be ready for you when you arrive.

Villas, especially those in Bali that are available for holiday rent all go through a villa management agency which means they all have to pass a strict quality control test. As a holiday maker this means that you will be staying in a villa that has been personally inspected, usually has a villa manager to make certain daily functions and staff are running as per schedule and smoothly and that you as the traveller get that WOW factor when you arrive.

So if your thinking about spending your next holiday in Bali, and you really want to try something unique and luxurious try staying in a villa for at least a couple of days. If you like it you can always extend your stay. One thing for certain is that based on the popularity and growth in holiday villas we are confident that once you stay in one of our villas you will never ever return to hotels again. This is a proven fact.

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