Nov 18, 2015

Things to Do on a Family Holiday in Thailand
Thailand holiday insurance

Thailand holiday insurance

Thailand is a top destination for a family holiday and is full of interesting things to see and do.

From history to water sports there really is something for everyone to enjoy. In Bangkok a ride on a long tailed boat through the canals is entertaining for families who will also enjoy the colourful floating market. There are the glittering temples to view but kids will love a walk through the streets to see food sizzling on the sidewalks. And why not take a lesson in Thai cuisine? That is fun for all the family and especially learning to cook with local ingredients.

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Chiang Mai is fun for families too. There are elephant rides in the jungle and opportunities for an encounter with local hill tribe communities. The arts and crafts in the famous Night Market are a fun shopping experience too. Spend time exploring the ancient city of Ayutthaya where a sound and light show will entertain the family.

On the coast of Thailand there are some beautiful beaches and islands to get to know. Kho Phi Phi, Ko Samui, and Krabi are just a few of the popular resorts here.
You’ll also find Phuket and Kho Tao as well. There is snorkelling here with many marine species to see easily and scuba diving too. You’ll find boat trips around the coast and sailing lessons or even a spot of wind surfing. Many hotels have child friendly activities during the day. There are hammocks for beds which will delight the kids and some beautiful destinations to enjoy.

Thailand is full of surprises from its wildlife encounters to the exotic tastes of the food and families will really enjoy getting to know this beautiful country. Take time to discover Thailand and you’ll enjoy a relaxing and interesting family holiday.

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