Jan 28, 2016

The Need for Travel Insurance

There are several reasons why the wise and prudent take out various forms of insurance. One of the main reasons is so that they can safe guard themselves against the unknown; the expensive unknown. Travel Insurance is no different. Although people don’t like to consider it, a lot can go wrong when traveling abroad. This is why it is highly advisable to get a Travel Insurance coverage that is not only comprehensive, but tailor made to suit your particular needs.

Why you need Travel Insurance Plus

As everyone knows,  one of the most expensive undertakings, even when at home, is medical care. The associated charges get astronomical with a medical emergency abroad. It is estimated that hospitalization in Southeast Asia goes well over $800 per day. Should you need medical evacuation when traveling to countries such as the United States, you can expend to spend about $75,000 – $95,0000. Sometimes, depending on the severity of the situation, this fee may exceed hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Obviously, these kind of emergency expenses can ruin if not just your travel plans, your savings plan as well. Whether you’re a gambler in life or not, this is a risk nobody can afford to take. With our travel insurance, you can now travel in peace knowing that should the horrible occur, you will not have to dig deep into your pockets to get medical attention.

What else is covered?

Medical expenses are the most important issues that often arise when people think of insuring their travel plans. However, medical expenses are not the only serious inconveniences that can occur when you travel. Here are great examples of what else is covered:

Travel delay expenses
Luggage and personal effects: Computers, cameras and mobile phones
Cancellation fees & lost deposits
These are just a few examples of what great travel insurance companies, like ourselves, cover. As a travel enthusiast, all of these things should be at the top of your list when it comes to looking for coverage. You never really know when any of these incidences might occur. What you do need to know is that these issues happen more often than you’d expect.

What to look for in a travel insurance company?

When looking for a travel insurer, there are a few things that you should be on the lookout for:
– You should find a company that provides high quality coverage at an affordable rate
– A company that delivers claims fast, fairly and efficiently
– A company that has 24/7 emergency assistance (this is to insure that any time difference is not an issue)
– One that is keen on helping you by providing a reliable and friendly service

At Travel Insurance Plus, we offer all of this, plus much more. Options that are not only tailor made to suit your travel needs, but engineered to make sure that you are fully and comprehensively covered. Next time you think about taking that adventurous trip, either domestically or abroad, be prudent and smart; think Travel Insurance Plus!

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