Dec 31, 2014

The Best Brazil Experiences – A quick travel guide

Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world. With vast expanses and distances between must see destinations, a visit to this country needs thorough planning if you want to make the most of your visit.

Where to Go Wild in Brazil

Brazil is one of the most bio diverse and naturally stunning countries on the planet. Hot spots like Amazon, the Pantanal and Iguacu Falls are world-famous. There are also seventy national parks to choose from, which all showcase Brazil’s amazing fauna and flora. There are a plethora of tours for all destinations to choose.

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For instance, when visiting the Amazon, you could consider:

  • Flying to Manaus, the Amazon’s largest city, located in the middle of the jungle. It is a major port for ocean vessels even though it is an incredible 1500km from the ocean. Manaus is where most Amazon tour operators are based and you could even enjoy a two to five day river-boat cruise set amongst the glorious Amazon jungle
  • Spending a few days exploring the bohemian city of Belem. Also located in the Amazon, it is developing a reputation as an increasingly food-centric metropolises. It’s streets and parks are shaded by mango trees, plus it offers a culinary culture that is very different from the rest of Brazil. The city’s signature dish, tacacá, is an intoxicating fusion of ingredients that provides an excellent initiation to the region’s cuisine. It mixes shrimp with tucupi, a thick yellow local root extract of the manioc plant, and jambu, a creeping plant whose leaves cause a pleasant tingling and numbness of your lips.

More Brazilian Food

The diversity of flavors is what shapes the cuisine of Brazil. Most of the Brazilian recipes are culturally influenced:

  • You can start your taste-bud tour in Sao Paulo. It stands to be Brazil’s gastronomic capital, and has approximately 12,500 restaurants that showcase 52 different kinds of cuisines. There are hundreds of places to dine in this culinary giant.
  • Heading west into the diverse interior of Minas Gerias, you will discover a region which is well-known for its homegrown cuisine plus its welcoming and warm people. It is great for serving delicacies like frango com quiabo, a Brazilian comfort food that is an enjoyable dish of stewed chicken with okra. Tutu a Mineira is another plentiful Brazilian dish, which is based on black beans and meat, with many sides all nicely presented on the same plate.

Take a tour of the spectacular town of Tiradentes, with its Quaint historic houses, fringed by beautiful wildflowers, set amongst a backdrop of picturesque mountains. Once per year the town host Brazil’s best-known gastronomic festival – the Festival Cultura e Gastronomia Tiradentes. The festivals usually focus on particular regions of Brazil, and showcases the best flavours Brazil has to offer. We recommend you plan ahead for this event, as last minute accommodation can be difficult to secure.

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Explore Brazil’s Portuguese Heritage

Brazil is the only country in South America that was colonized by the Portuguese. This historical event distinguished the Brazilian culture and architecture from its continental neighbors. For instance, there are is an abundance of Portuguese influenced architecture that is best highlighted in the colonial towns and villages. Many of these settlements are Unesco World Heritage sites.

  • From the international gateway of Rio de Janeiro, head to Paraty, which is situated amidst the spectacular Atlantic ocean and rainforest. This primeval coastal town will impress, its clear whitewashed walls, and cobbled roads, will provide an incredible insight into how life was lived during that time-period of history. Being surrounded by beautiful beaches, this town showcases the best of Brazil.


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  • Head inland to Minas Gerais, where you will come across calm and serene Tiradentes. Not only this is the quaintest village of Brazil, but as previously mentioned, this is also a foodie’s paradise.
  • Ouro Preto which surges from the countryside like a sparking colonial diamond. After the painstaking efforts of 80 years of conservation, the city with its gilded hilltop churches and colorful streets is a living monument. It is often referred to as the Venice of Brazil.

Brazil is a Great Destination

The South American giant is no one-hit marvel; from the plains and canyons of the country’s spectacular national parks, opulent culinary pedigree and to the living museums of its colonial past, Brazil offers too many attractions to list. Brazil is abundant with culinary, cultural and geographical pleasures, beckoning you to keep returning year after year…

Travel Insurance for Brazil

For Australian’s, travelling to Brazil is an expensive exercise requiring considerable financial investment for flights and pre-booked accommodation. Hence, it is strongly recommended that as soon as you purchase you flights and book accommodation or tours you purchase travel insurance. This will cover you from unexpected trip cancellations, delays and illness. It doesn’t matter what language you speak – no travel insurance means the same thing worldwide – big bill!

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