Jun 29, 2015

Surfing Surfaris

Heading out on a surfing safari?

It doesn’t matter where you are going: Fiji, Samoa, Bali or even off to the Maldives getting you and your equipment there and back in one piece is the key to your holiday success (generally from your families perspective!).

Obviously you will be determind to ride the best waves out on a reef that you can whilst impressing your mates on the trip with you.

Of course, should anything go wrong you will be relieved to know that you took the sensible option of picking up some Travel Insurance before heading off. Having insurace will of dcourse be vital when you are getting “medivaced” from an Island resort to a hospital and possibly onwards to home.

But what happens if you aren’t covered?

Well we have heard stories about people getting on planes whilst being chased by companies or hospital staff for unpaid bills – these days being a plane ride away won’t help your cause!

You need insurance. It isn’t all about you, it is also ensuring that should the worst happen you have put your family in the position to get you home without landing them with a massive bill.

You will be surprised how reasonable insurance for your surfing safari can be. Press the “Get a quote” button to find out how reasonable it is.

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