Jul 20, 2015

Surfing in the Maldives

The Maldives are known and loved the world over for their elegant resorts, crystal clear waters and sparkling white sand.

There are though another group of tourists outside of the luxury travellers who love heading to the Islands. Surfers.

The Maldives are fast becoming a mecca for “Surfari’s”.

Apart from having a surf board, you will also need a boat. all the major breaks are out on reefs, with over 1000 little Islands, it is important to do your research on where to stay and surf.

A lot of the surf breaks in the Maldives are really only surfable by experienced surfers.

For all levels of surfer Cokes at Thulusdhoo Island is a good starting point, with the main Cokes break only for experienced surfers.

Even within the experienced surfer bracket there are still levels of good – only if you are at the top end of this range should you look at Meeru Reef (which is accessed from the Meeru island resort), the wave quality here is sensational and ranks among the best surf the Maldives has to offer. However, the reef and sharp rocks combined with the pace and power of the wave make this spot difficult for even the best.

When to go?

Novemeber through to Mid Febuary is when you are likely to get the best surf.

Of course we are a travel insurance company, so it would be remiss of us not to recommend that you wear booties/hoods or even a helmet when you are out surfing on the reefs as the last thing you need is a trip to hospital to get a number of stiches into a wound that could easily have been prevented.

So, give yourself and your family peace of mind, click the “get a quote” button on this page to find out how affordable travel insurance to the Maldives can be.

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