May 22, 2015

Surfing in Ghana, yes you can

After coming across an article about taking a surfing holiday Ghana, I couldn’t resist the urge to investigate it further.

Ghana, which is on the West Coast of Africa for the unitiated, is not the first surf spot that surfers head for when there is talk of a surfari out on the waves.

Usually there are calls for a “bonding trip” to Bali or Fiji for a surfari. Though when you thinik of it the term surfari sort of lends itself to Africa.

Of course a surf trip to Ghana, provides the surfer with the same challenges as a surf trip to Bali. That is:

  • Getting your boards there safely
  • Getting your boards home safely
  • Making sure there are waves!
  • making sure that if you get hurt you know where to get fixed up

Why not give Ghana a go for a surf

Ghana is a beautiful country, has good infrasturcture but when you are off the beaten track on a surf safari knowing where the local doctors/hospitals and even board repairers are.

It pays to keep in touch with what is happening in the wider region before and during your trip, there is no fun in becoming caught up in the latest health scare or coup.

Obviously we are biased, but when you are on an overseas surfing trip you need to travel out travel insurance. Press the quote button on the page, you will be surprised at just how good value it can be.

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