May 14, 2015

Surfing Fiji? Don’t forget your travel insurance

Going on a Fiji surfing holiday?

Don’t think you need travel insurance? Have a read of the this, do you want to be this guy or do you want this to be your husband?
It’s the trip of a lifetime, you are away with your mates on some of the pacific’s best breaks.
It’s day 4 of your surfing trip, no different to day 3, up and about early for breakfast after a night on the beer before getting your ride out to the reef.
A few hours in, you hit the perfect wave – then you hit the reef. The cut is massive, there is a lot of blood and you are quite literally miles from the nearest hospital.
Your mates do their best to stem the bleeding, the tourniquets are just about doing their job as your tinnie is breaking the sound barrier in it’s attempt to get you into land.
The resort staff are waiting and you are bundled into a car for the hour drive to the local surgery. You get stitched up – 50 of them, costs you a few hundred bucks, but that is okay – you haven’t died!
The next day you wave your mates goodbye as they head off for a surf, you settle into the bar and have a few beers. the cut hurts still, your pride hurts more but you’ll be okay.

Time to go to hospital

Fast forward onto day 7, your cut is hurting more and more and has a real bad smell, the first aid person in the resort takes off the dressing, the cut is infected.
This time it is a 4 hour trip to hospital, you are kept in. There is a chance you will need to be operated on, you are asked for your travel insurance details…
And then it hits you, you never did it. Your wife kept asking and you kept saying “she’ll be right”… But it isn’t right, you are in a foreign country, with no insurance, an infected cut that needs surgery and possibly you might need to be transferred back to Australia on a medical flight.
It gets worse, you are a tradie, you are self employed – how do you earn money over the next 6 weeks or so….
That could all have been avoided if they had signed up for travel insurance on and none of the above would have happened.
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