Dec 5, 2015

Skiing in Korea, more than you expected

Do you know that 2018 Winter Olympic Games will be held in Pyeongchang?

South Korea may not be your first choice for a skiing holiday, but if you’re a beginner or haven’t strapped your boots to your bindings in a while… it’s the perfect place to take a few lessons or get your ski legs back.

Many of the resorts are within 3-4 hours from the capital city  of Seoul. This offers easy access to weekend trips to the slopes. However, the closer the resort is to Seoul, the lower the mountains and the shorter the slopes and the runs. In addition the more likely you’ll be skiing on the artificial stuff.

As with  any holiday that involves skiing, travel insurance  is a must have!

Despite its southerly latitudes, Korea experiences a fairly severe winter. Temperatures in Seoul can dip as low as -20°C (-5°F), though they usually average between 0°C and 10°C (32°F-50°F) in the day and -10°C and 0°C (10°F-32°F) at night.

More than three quarters of the country is covered in mountains. Most of the skiable ones are located in Gangwon-do, where the winter games will be held. In that area there are 9 different ski resorts to chose from.

Alpensia Resort, will host the Olympic games. However the Olympic events will actually take place in the neighboring resorts of

Many of the ski resorts in Korea are scattered throughout Gangwon-do, the region that receives the most annual snowfall. North easternmost province of South Korea. Has the lion share of the ski resorts with 9.  Snow can be quite variable. Some winters there is very little. Due to Korea’s location on the North Pacific edge, winters are usually long, cold and dry.

Modern facilities and offering a range of slopes (everything from bunny to black diamond

Very short peak ski season from mid-December to the end of February. During this time, both skiing and snowboarding, open from mid-November and early December until March or April An adrenaline-packed runs down the mountain, sledding with the kids, or long, luxurious soaks in slope-side hot tubs.

All up  skiing in Korea is fun.

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