Jul 22, 2015

Skiing and accidents

We are a travel insurance company and by default are reasonably cautious.

Skier’s are not always, luckily quite a few of us here are also skier’s so we strike a nice balance!

We were though reminded of the pitfalls of skiing and the injuries that can occur at anytime and anywhere in the world this week. Ironically this occurred in Australia, not at Whistler or Queenstown or even over in the USA.

People who are good competent skiers often forget that there are people on the slopes or in this case getting off the chair lift who are not that good or even familiar with the ski fields in general. As a group were alighting the chairlift a man pushed his son in front of the group and along with himself headed off down the slope oblivious to the carnage he had caused behind.

The group had to try a desperate manoeuvre to miss the man and his son, which they did, but it left one experienced skier with a nasty knee ligament injury which know requires surgery.

To an extent she was ‘lucky’ as she was still in Australia, had she been in the US or Canada or Italy then as we know the medical expenses would have been huge. that is why when Skiing travel insurance is vital.

To get a quote and give yourself peace of mind, press the “get a quote” button on this page. Happy Skiing!

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