Jul 21, 2015

Rome, Italy & Travel Insurance

Rome is as we all know steeped in history. It has the Collesium, the Trevi fountain and much more.

Sadly, it also has a lot of crime.

Tourists are an easy target in the Italian capital, making it one the hotbeds for pickpockets and the like. Losing a few Euros to a pickpocket is one thing, losing your passport, tickets and your holiday cash is another.

Practising some sensible precautions will help you greatly:

  • Lock your passports away in the hotel safe
  • Keep our money separate from your travel docs
  • Don’t have your wallet hanging out of your back pocket
  • Don’t have your purse sitting at the top of your handbag
  • Keep your bags in sight at all times
  • Keep your phone in sight at all times

Whilst we don’t want to make Rome sound like a hotbed of crime, it is important that you as a tourist are careful when you are there. It is also important that you have Travel Insurance for your Italian adventure (Well we would say that as a Travel Insurance company!).

Having your trip thrown off course by an unfortunate event whether it is theft, illness or worse can be distressing.

This is why we recommend that you use the “get a quote” button on this page for you to see how reasonable Travel Insurance and more importantly peace of mind for you and your family can be.

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