Nov 8, 2015

Peru, a South American statesman
Machu Pichu.  beautiful  in Peru you still need travel  insurance

Machu Picchu. beautiful,but in Peru you still need travel insurance

Peru is a South American gem that in recent times has started to become more and more popular  with Australians heading overseas

Of course Machu Pichu the ancient Incan city set high in the Andes mountains certainly helps the tourists trade, but there is far more to this country than Machu Pichu.

Peru is also home to an important area of the Amazon rainforest, as well as this the area surrounding Machu Picchu, which includes the Sacred Valley, the Inca Trail and the vibrant city of Cusco and it’s imposing cathedral, is also rich in historic Incan sites as well as well trodden holiday classics such as hiking, rafting and mountain-biking opportunities.

No matter what you have planned for your trip to Peru.Travel Insurance is an absolute must for your trip. Press the get a quote button on this page to find out more.

Peru is a country with a population of just over 30 million with Spanish (as in most South american countries) spoken most prevalent.

Lima is the Capital, however the cities of Puna, Huaraz and Iquitos all have significant points of interest for any visitor. Should you decide to make Lima the main focus of your trip outside of Macchu Pichu and the Inca Trail. then these are definite sites you should visit:

– Plaza Mayor, Lima,
– Larco Museum,
– Monastery of San Francisco, Lima,
– Cathedral of Lima,
– Historic Centre of Lima

All have the ability to consume hours of your time. Splitting your  trip between the city and the undoubted beauty of the countryside is only one  of the many options available to you on  a  trip to  Peru.

No matter where you go in Peru you will find warm hosts and plenty to see and do. Just don’t forget your travel insurance!

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