Feb 9, 2015

Packing tips when travelling with Children

The tickets are bought, your itinerary is planned out — now the only thing left to do is pack your bags. When you’re traveling with kids, this last task can be even more daunting than all of the elaborate planning you’ve already had to do. But don’t worry — you can get through this with your sanity intact. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

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Flying with children | Travel Insurance Plus

Find out what you can get at the destination.

Plenty of parents have spent extra hours seeking out swim floaties, goggles, beach towels and other stuff that’s often good to have on vacation, only to find out that those items were already provided at the vacation home or hotel. If the accommodation’s website doesn’t provide a detailed list of what’s available in the room — or in the hotel’s common area — email or call to inquire. It might be an extra step, but it will save you plenty of room in your bags.

 Ask the kids to choose a few favourites.

 Whether you’re going away for a short vacation or more extended one, you might have little ones who can’t live without that favourite shirt or teddy bear, or bigger kids who will want their precious hoodie sweatshirt even though it’s going to be scorching outside. Letting them pick a few of their favourite items — within reason, of course, can provide that level of comfort you may need to rely on during tough moments.

Give each member of the family their own small pack.

Each member of the family may need their own suitcase — which you may need to carry — but you can still encourage some responsibility by having each child carry a bag that contains a few entertainment items such as books, iPods or games, as well as a backup set of clothing.

Lay everything on the bed.

Instead of putting everything straight into the kids’ suitcases, lay things out first. Place items into outfits or separate them by type — shirts in one pile, shorts in another and so on. With everything laid out, it can be easier to cut back or to see where you need to add items.

With these tips you should be headed for a smooth holiday with the kids.

Pack Travel Insurance you for you and the kids

Don’t forget to ensure your whole family is covered with our family cover: Family Travel Insurance. Our policy allows you to cover your entire brood for a single, low premium PLUS children under 25 years of age, who are travelling with their parents or grandparents, are covered for free (subject to pre-existing medical conditions).

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