Jan 21, 2015

Packing List for Panama: What I Wish I Would Have Brought

In my travels through Central America, I’ve swum in volcanic lakes, slept in entirely bamboo structures, nursed jellyfish stings and fended off my fair share of viruses, rashes and other fun stuff you find in the tropics. On a recent trip to Panama, I found that I’d prepared well for some things, but not so much for others.

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Packing the not so obvious for Panama

If you’re headed for a tropical vacation in Panama, here are some things to bring along — either because they’re hard to get, or simply too much hassle to deal with while you’re supposed to be on vacation.

Of course you can get sunscreen in Panama — but it’s one of those things that tend to be pretty dang expensive and more difficult to find than you might think. Supermarkets in Panama City will stock it, but if you’re staying in a remote locale and you happen to find a Chino — the local name for family-run convenience stores — that stocks it, it’s going to cost you a pretty penny.

A surge protector for Panama is highly recommended

It sounds like a bulky item to bring along, but many a traveler has lost their beloved smartphone on account of a rogue power surge. If you plan on working online or using your devices for more than the occasional email-checking, it can help to bring along a surge protector.

An umbrella to shelter from the unpredictable Panama rain

Once again, it’s something you’ll be able to find — but with intense heat most of the time, and intense rainstorms five months of the year, having a small umbrella can help you avoid the ill effects of weather. What’s more, it makes a nice sun shade when none can be found on that remote Panamanian beach.

Good beach shoes to enjoy Panama beaches

Don’t just expect to show up and find a pair of flip flops that will last without paying a high price.

Cheap sandals are everywhere, but they’ll tend to bust at the worst possible moment. Spring for a higher-quality pair of velcro or buckled sandals you can wear in the water and out, even if you have to buy them used to save some money.

This list is far from exhaustive, but it will certainly get you started packing for your Panamanian adventure!

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By Nicole Vulcan – Nicole is a global nomad from the United States, currently living and working in beautiful Granada, Nicaragua, where she spends her time writing, riding bike and exploring the land of lakes and volcanoes with her 11-year old daughter.

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