Jan 5, 2015

Nicaragua Travel Guide

If you still think of Nicaragua as a land of civil unrest, you’re seriously missing out. The guerrilla days of the 1980s have long past, leaving a country of peace-loving citizens and natural wonders of unmatched beauty.

This quick guide is designed as a starting point for your research.

Nicaragua – the land of lakes and volcanoes

It’s no wonder that Nicaragua is known as the land of lakes and volcanoes. Even from the airplane, you’ll catch sight of volcanic craters, expansive freshwater lakes and sweeping green mountains. To say it’s breathtaking is an understatement, and fortunately the Nicaraguan government agrees. Several expansive areas, including Laguna de Apoyo, have been set aside as nature reserves, ensuring commercialization doesn’t destroy some of the country’s most remarkable natural landmarks.

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Arriving in Nicaragua

Arriving in Nicaragua by airplane will likely put you in its capital city of Managua, the epicenter of commerce in the country. If you get in late, stay in one of the city’s numerous well-appointed hotels, including the Intercontinental Hotel situated along Managua’s strip of shopping malls and fast food restaurants.

A 45-minute drive away is Granada, Nicaragua’s oldest city and a colonial gem. The city’s historic churches, horse-drawn carriages and delightful plazas will give you a good taste of the country’s colonial past, as well as a sense of what life is like away from the hustle and bustle of the capital. Hotels and guest houses abound at a myriad of price points.

Swimming & Volcanoes in Nicaragua

Just a 15-minute drive from Granada is Laguna de Apoyo to the west, great for swimming, and Volcan Masaya to the north, where at night you can peer into the red glow of a live volcano.

For a taste of beach life, head south 1.5 hours from Granada to the bustling beach town of San Juan del Sur, complete with numerous surf breaks and beachside restaurants with lounge chairs right in the sand. The town is getting quite a reputation for its night life, so for a more tranquil beach experience, book a room near one of the beaches north or south of town.

Colonial Heritage

Also not to be missed is Leon, Nicaragua’s other — and equally as grand — colonial city, north of Managua. Visit the largest cathedral in Latin American and hobknob with the city’s many liberal- minded college students. For more beach time, the less-populated beach of Poneloya is just a short drive from Leon.

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There’s much more to see, but when you’re on a whistlestop tour, visiting Granada, San Juan del Sur and Leon will give you a good taste of this magnificent country.

Travel Insurance for Nicaragua

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