Jun 30, 2015

New Zealand on a budget

New Zealand is a wonderful country and traveling around it, like with any country in the world, can be done a budget.

Apart from a select few, lets face it – we all have a budget!

Budget wins can come in all forms, whether you find a gem of a three star hotel or getting a good deal which results in cheap travel insurance for New Zealand.

Having traveled around both Islands on the smell of an oily rag, here are a few tips that we learned along the way.

Tips for travelling around NZ on a budget

1. Work for board, there are lots of farms that need help, doing a bit of manual labour in return for a room/hay bale/spot for your tent is priceless
2. Work for food! Doing some fruit picking – the old favourite 5 for them one for me when picking strawberies never hurts
3. Travelling in a group. Hiring a car between 4 or 5 brings the cost right down

There are plenty of other tips for travelling around New Zealand on a budget, we will share them in another blog, first up though give your hip pocket a break and click our “get a quote” button for cheap travel insurance.

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