Oct 29, 2015

New England in the Fall
USA travel insurance

USA travel insurance

If there is one special time to visit New England it is fall. The colours of the trees are spectacular and worth a journey to the East Coast. There is a kaleidoscope of colours as the foliage is transformed for a few weeks. This is the ideal time for hiking, cycling and simply enjoying the trees at this time of year.

There are six states making up New England and where some of the best scenery can be found in fall.

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Try driving though Vermont or cycling in Maine and enjoying the towns in Connecticut. Some of the best driving routes are Mohawk Trail in Massachusetts and the State Route 169 running parallel to the Rhode Island border.

You’ll find pumpkin and cider displays too and in Maine you can dine on local lobster. Don’t forget to spend time on the Connecticut Wine Trail too. For a spectacular hike, head to New Hampshire where Mount Monadnock is an easy climb with awesome views of the foliage. Even in the towns and cities you’ll be treated to colourful fall displays. Some of the best places to go are Boston, Salem, and Bennington.

Vermont has a lot of historic sites which can be combined with colourful views of the trees. New England can get busy during fall and there are lots of hotels to suit most budgets. Visitors can drive to the main places and scenic routes or take guided tours. For New England this spectacular display of colour occurs just before the winter snows arrive. It is the ideal time to enjoy the outdoors and to see these colourful parks, forests and drives.

But one thing is for sure. You’ll need to book your travel and hotel early as the scenery attracts the crowds.

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