Feb 1, 2015

Long-term Adventures in Central America: What to Expect

Gone are the days when you had to leave your whole life behind in order to go on a long-term vacation. These days, it’s totally possible to leave for a few weeks, or even months, and with your laptop in tow, to call it a “working vacation.” If you’re planning to work remotely from Central America, however, here are some things I’ve learned to not leave behind.

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A backup method of getting connected while in Central America

 If you’re going to be actually working and not just checking email, your laptop might not be enough. First, have all your expensive devices insured, just in case. Also, bring along a backup device, such as a tablet or a small notebook you can use in a pinch. While it means you’re packing more stuff, it also means you won’t have to scramble should you encounter calamities such as power surges, viruses or crashes that render your main device useless.

A reliable cloud storage system.

 If you do lose access to your main device, having your files backed up is going to be a lifesaver. Use Dropbox, iCloud, or whatever other cloud storage system your company uses — just use it!

 Work you can do offline.

 At times, you’ll have carved out time for working, but then bam! The electricity goes out. If the outage lasts long enough, it could mean the day you’ve planned for working goes back to being a beach day. To avoid this, keep your devices fully charged, and have a back-stock of work you can access even when not online. For me, as a wandering writer and media producer, that means keeping lists of the articles I’m supposed to write, and the research required to write them, in a file that’s accessible offline.

A head for planning ahead helps avoid Central America frustration

 In Central America, any everyday calamity could derail your efforts to do your business, even for days on end. So before you take the plunge and actually go on that extended vacation, be sure you have an extra few weeks’ worth of living expenses stashed away — on top of your “regular” backup savings. Living close to the wire is never fun — and even less fun when there’s nothing you can do but wait for that power line to be repaired, for your internet provider to fix its service, or for any other emergency to be rectified.

 The more energy you devote to planning ahead, the easier your long-term vacation in Central America will be. Also make sure you have adequate travel insurance…


Travel Insurance prepares you for the unexpected

Travel insurance provides peace of mind and will cover you for out of pocket expenses like travel delays, unexpected medical bills, lost luggage and cancellations.

A Great travel tip for long term travel

If you become ill or injured, the medical professionals are going to need information for your next of kin/nominated contacts, allergies, how to locate your travel  documents and other important information. Make sure your travel partner or family know where to find these items in an emergency.

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