Oct 17, 2015

Lombok Holidays, we all should have one!

Just east of Bali the island of Lombok is a tropical paradise with some intriguing cultural features.

There are lots of sporting opportunities too and Lombok has something to interest most people. One of the big reasons for coming to Lombok is the surfing. Beaches such as Penandan Beach or Mangit are popular with surfers. At Senggigi you’ll find beautiful corals, scuba diving, snorkelling and a vibrant night life in the resort.

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Ampenan is one of the larger cities on Lombok and was the original old port here. Today it is famed for its traditional markets and pearl sellers. Ride a cidomo or horse cart, or haggle in the market for jewellery here. Mataram is the administrative centre of Lombok and has malls and some interesting street food stands. Look out for cultural performances too, especially at the Nusa Tenggara Barat Museum. The NTB Museum and Meru Temple are also very interesting to see in Mataram. Day trips to the sights are easy to arrange through most of the hotels in Lombok.

Lombok has many beautiful luxury hotels which are the ideal place to relax and enjoy the sunshine and food. There are budget guest houses too and smaller family run hotels.

You’ll find good restaurants which serve Indonesian specialties and some international cuisine. For an activity and a challenge on Lombok why not climb Mount Rinjani. This is the famous semi active volcano and a notable hike with awesome views. Lombok is not as crowded as neighbouring Bali and is very traditional. From beautiful gardens to sandy beaches the island is exquisite. You can enjoy a traditional massage here too as many hotels have spas. Lombok is full of surprises from seeing exotic birds to learning more about the culture.

Above all, the warm welcome of the Indonesian people will stay with you forever.

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