May 11, 2015

Is travel insurance a luxury?
Holidays are full of decisions that are seen as luxuries. Here are just a few that holidaymakers regard as luxury extras when taking a trip
  • Transfer to the hotel in the hotel bus on arrival
  • Extra massages in the resort spa
  • Travel insurance
That list could expand ten fold.

Why is travel insurance treated as a luxury? Past experience, that’s why.

How many holidays have you been on when nothing went wrong? Plenty (us too), both at home and abroad, this leads us to the belief that we will always have a trouble free holiday.
Your family holiday to New Zealand 10 years ago to visit relatives has no bearing on your likely-hood of an accident or natural disaster on your  impending trek through the Thai jungle or your surf safari to Fiji.
Yet many people apply this logic.

Travel Insurance is not a luxury

Travel Insurance is not a luxury, it is an essential part of your holiday. Knowing that you have coverage for an unforeseen medical or even evacuation bills has no price when you are faced with such an event.
Do this simple test when at the office, ask 3 colleagues to tell you a story about themselves or a friend who has had an accident on holiday and claimed on their insurance.
You will be surprised by the results. Don’t take the risk, take out travel insurance for your next trip.
Comprehensive Overseas Travel Insurance covers you for the unexpected like travel delays, trip cancellations, lost luggage and medical expenses due illness or injury. Be sure to read the product disclosure statement.
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