Aug 12, 2016

Holidays in Romania
Romania Travel Insurance

Romania Travel Insurance

Not thought of taking in Romania when you are on a European holiday? Well have a read of the below and it might just change your mind.

Located in South-East Europe, at the intersection of the Carpathian Mountains, the Danube River and the Black Sea, Romania is a 20 million strong country that boosts a fabulous nature and unique culture as its main advantages. The country has all types of landscape, including high mountains, hills, plains, as well as marshlands and a one-of-a-kind delta. Romania is the perfect place for a low cost, off the beaten track vacation, ideal for young couples or students travelling together.

Romania’s biggest cities, such as Bucharest, Cluj or Iasi, are probably the places you’ll visit first. Bucharest, the biggest city and the capital, has been nicknamed “Little Paris” because of its numerous architectural treasures. Buildings and palaces like the CEC, Enescu, Victoriei or the Peasant’s Museum are some of the best examples of classical Romanian architecture. But probably the most known landmark is the People’s Palace (nowadays named the Palace of Parliament), one of the biggest buildings in the world. Cluj-Napoca, the informal capital of the world-famous region of Transylvania, has come back to life in recent years, mainly because of its old town medieval buildings and cultural events. Finally, Iasi, the biggest city in the historical region of Moldova, impresses with its Palace of Culture, one of the most prominent examples of classical architecture in Romania.

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Transylvania, the region situated in the Northwestern part of the country, is a destination in itself. Riddled with medieval castles and citadels, among which the most spectacular are in Bran, Sighisoara, Brasov, Sibiu and Rupea, and marvelous natural beauty, including gorges, caves, large pine forests spread all over the mountains, Transylvania should be the first place you visit. Reserve a good 5-6 days for a tour of the region.

Outside Transylvania, the Southwestern corner, where the Danube, one of the biggest rivers in Europe, and the Carpathian Mountains meet, creating spectacular gorges, is another place to check out. Recently, hotels and tourist developments have opened in the region, including accommodation in bungalows suspended over the waters of the river.

Finally, a trip to the northern part of the Romanian coast is a must; the Danube Delta, home to numerous species of birds and plants is a heaven for nature lovers. All sorts of leisure activities are available here: cruises, water sports, sun-bathing, bird watching, as well as the classical fishing. All in all, Romania is for sure a place that you will not forget. Enjoy!

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